Our mountain bike guiding service is ideal for those who love riding but hate getting lost. We understand that riding time can be very precious, hours spent retracing your steps due to wrong turns or unexpected trail conditions can easily ruin your ride, especially if you've had to drive miles to get there.

Forest Freeride offer a 'by the day' guiding service for riders of all abilities and fitness levels, so even if you're new to mountain biking or you're not quite as fit as you'd like to be, we'll still be able to offer great riding. We have some fantastic trails and tracks right on our doorstep. Mountains, forests, waterfalls and lakes feature heavily in the make-up of the local terrain, busy roads, unfriendly walkers and flat trails don't!

We have a vast array of trails at our disposal, many of which clearly appear on the map, but are almost impossible to locate on the ground or disappear into an impassable bog - whilst other trail 'gems' are not marked at all. Some routes also pass over private land with no public right of way, however Forest Freeride have the owners permission to ride these.

Our local knowledge allows us to fully access this complex trail network, all you have to do is enjoy the ride, leave your map, compass and GPS at home!


We will provide you with numerous route statistics so you can choose which ones you'd like to ride. Hopefully every trail will turn up a pleasant surprise or two!

We start at 9am but this can be tailored to suit individuals. Brews and bikkies are provided but we suggest you bring a packed lunch as there's every chance we won't pass a shop or pub!


One to one guiding: £45.00 per day.

2 - 4 people: £80.00 per day per group. (additional persons @ £20.00 per day)

Availability & Booking
Seven days a week, all year round, contact us for a booking form and dates that suit you.