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Croeso/Welcome to mountain biking tuition and guiding in the heart of Wales.

In conjunction with BuyaGift Gift Vouchers, Forest Freeride offer One Day Skills Courses and One Day Wilderness Rides. Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any of the 2010 dates below. Email us or ring 01650 521301 to enquire about availability and to discuss your requirements.

Monday 20 September
Wednesday 6 October
Monday 18 October
Thursday 21 October
Friday 12 November
Friday 19 October
Friday 3 December
Monday 13 December
Dates for 2011 will be announced towards the end of 2010.

Why choose Forest Freeride?

With Forest Freeride you'll have the chance to develop your riding skills through expert SMBLA tuition, delivered at a pace that enables riders reach their full potential.

All mountain bike training is site centred, so you don't have to waste time riding miles between sections.
Private, secluded site ... no one getting under your wheels unlike at trail centres.
We'll never cancel a course due
to low numbers.
We have a fleet of bikes if you haven't yet got your own bike.

Wilderness Rides

Deserted trails, big views and true wilderness are waiting for you, right on our doorstep.

This part of Wales is one of the least populated in the entire country, it is described as the UK's last real wilderness outside of the Highlands ... it's quite possible to ride all day and not meet a single person.

As well as a tiny population, the area benefits from a very large network of bridleways, old drovers roads and various tracks and trails. Let us take you out into the hills, valleys and mountains so you can experience the fantastic riding for yourself. There's also a few 'secret' bits we'll take you to if you ask nicely. We know that there are as many different types of rider as there are bikes so we try to make our guiding as flexible as possible. You don't have to be super fit or a brilliant technical rider to benefit from our guiding service as we can tailor the route to suit any level of rider, the only thing we can't do is flatten the hills!

One day skills courses

We offer a one day mountain bike course which is aimed at anyone wanting to improve their riding. We will teach you the skills required to safely ride a bike over all types of terrain. Mountain biking isn't just a physical sport, certain mental skills play a large role in your ability to ride off road, learning these, along with the physical aspects should greatly increase your confidence to take on whatever you come across whilst out riding.

Skills covered include:

Correct body position and understanding its effect.
Braking technique and speed control.
Cornering - high speed.
Cornering - low speed.
Trail obstacles at high speed.
Dealing with drops and jumps.
Line choice and reading the trail.
General descending.
Altering your perception (beating the fear).


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