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Girls Only Courses are designed for women with some mountain bike experience who want to build their confidence without encountering the 'willy waving bravado' sometimes found on male orientated courses.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • Body position and bike dynamics ... what effect do you have on the bike and what should you do about it.
  • Braking ... properly not continually :-)
  • Confidence at speed ... learn how to alter your perception of speed and ride faster (and safer).
  • Dealing with low and high speed trail obstacles ... how to get over, through and up things.
  • Cornering techniques ... from a low speed switchback to fast flat corners and everything in-between.
  • Getting your wheels off the ground ... and back down in one piece.
  • Drops, steps and jumps ... how to confidently ride the scary parts.
  • Technical climbing techniques.
Girls Only mountain bike training at Forest Freeride

Girls Only Courses

We meet lots of women who's confidence starts to dwindle when things get steep and technical or their wheels leave the ground. For this, our Girls Only Courses are the perfect antidote. We'll obviously teach you the physical skills and techniques required to control your bike in any situation but we'll also explain the mental aspects that'll help you beat the 'fear'. Is your bum oddly drawn towards the saddle on the approach to a drop or step? Do you believe that the second you stop braking your bike will turn into a run away freight train? Do you dread that bit of trail with the tight downhill corner?

If you want to borrow a bike, we don't charge for this but please let us know in advance.

If you can't make any of the following dates, contact us with a date that suits you better as we can also run this course on demand and mid-week if that is more suitable.


Sunday March 19th
Saturday April 15th
Sunday May 14th
Saturday June 10th
Sunday July 9th
Sunday Aug 20th
Sunday Sep 10th

Cost: £90pp.
Kate rolling off a jumpFungi learning to control the bike through tight cornersSusan coming downhill over obstacle at speed